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Meet 'Lenny' - he is an Oedipus (or Cotton-top) Tamarin.


The Oedipus Tamarin weighs only 500 grams and is one of the smallest New World monkeys but can live up to 25 years. They live predominantly in the forrests of northwestern Columbia and have been highly studied for their complex and sophisticated communication and group social structure.


Lenny is the first in a line of animal portraits that I have created with some human like features. You will figure out the common theme between these animal portraits as they come to light. Lenny is so called because he is giving me 'Lenny Kravitz' vibes - one of my fave all time artists. The nose ring, cool necklaces and hair braid give him a real look which I hope you love as much as I do.


Lenny is available in three different print sizes. The original (which is being framed by my amazingly talented uncle) will be available to buy at a later date - do message me if you are interested in buying the original. 




PriceFrom £45.00
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