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I’m 39 and I live in a little house on the river in the city of Bath with my gorgeous labradoodle Molly. When I’m not drawing, I love running, playing rugby, baking, paddling on the river and of course, walking the pooch. 


I predominantly work in coloured pencils (on Fabriano Artistico paper) or PanPastel® and pastel pencils (on Pastelmat), and on a scale that ranges from A5 to A1.


Up until now, the majority of my work has been commissioned pet/animal, child and family portraits. However, I hope to spread my wings a little more in the coming months and years and produce a variety of work that I can exhibit far and wide. 


In my online shop you will see a range of prints available in various sizes, a selection of greeting cards and some framed original pieces.


I have also illustrated some children's books, which can be purchased HERE.



I originally studied medicine at Bristol University, qualifying in 2010 and worked as a doctor in emergency and intensive care for 6 years.

In March 2016 my life flipped upside-down when my late wife, Emmy, became terminally ill and I had to give up working as a doctor to look after her.

Having been so overwhelmed by the level of care she received at The Royal Marsden Hospital, we decided to start raising money for them by creating and selling a children’s book, donating the profits to the hospital’s charity.

Although I hadn't picked up a pencil since I studied A-Level art, I promised her that if she wrote the book, I would attempt to illustrate it!

By the time she sadly passed away in 2017, we had written and illustrated three children’s books helping to raise more than £200,000 for the charity. (The books are also available to buy in the online shop here).

After Emmy passed away, feeling lost and not knowing quite what to do, I posted a sketch of my dog Molly on Instagram. The reaction it received was overwhelming - with many getting in touch to request their own drawings of their pets and loved ones.

I have been doing commissioned pet, animal and child portraits ever since. Now I feel so lucky to be able to call it my job!

In July 2021, I decided to take a small break from commissions to focus on a different line of artwork, concentrating on a selection of wildlife.

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