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Meet Ringo!


Named after one of the all time great drummers, Ringo is a Red Panda who is kicking ass on the drums! 


If I am honest  - Ringo was almost called Taylor after Taylor Hawkins  - the late great drummer of one of my all time fave bands The Foo Fighters. But I am a sucker for a bit of alliteration so Ringo he remains! 


Red Pandas (or lesser pandas) are small mammals native to the Eastern Hymalayas and Southwestern China. They are endangered with less than 10000 thought to exist in the wild due to their natural habitat being destroyed and due to them being hunted. 


Just a bit of fun really - but the hope is that, along with the other endangered 'Humanimals' that I have drawn, they will help highlight those animals that need our help most. There are lots of wonderful organisations and charities that help these amazing creatures. Please do think about donating if you can. 


The original (19 x 27 inches) will be available to buy from me directly but first has to be framed by my wonderfully talented uncle and then displayed for a short while at exhibition. If you're interested in buying the original please do get in touch. However in the meantime there are 3 different sized giclee prints available to buy which can come framed or unframed as you wish. 


Hope you have a great day and that Ringo makes you smile!



PriceFrom £45.00
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